For the Dutch government I automated and tested several applications. My tasks are automating the testing, report on defecting, create a testing framework and generate high-quality test reports.

MHA Grounds

This is a forum built with Flask and SQL. The forum is meant for fans of the show My Hero Academia. They can register for accounts, login, change passwords, share content and delete it as well.

TMDB API Movie Searcher

This is a light-weight movie search app built with Vanilla JavaScript. It uses the TMDB API to search for movies. It also shows the recommended movies, popular and movies currently airing at the cinema.

Atari Breakout Game

An old school game called Atari Breakout. This application is built using only HTML, CSS and plain JavaScript. The player can use the arrow keys to move the bar and space to shoot it. The game also shows the score, the lives, level and high score.


Greetings! 😄

My name is Arvind Mehairjan and I am a software developer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work on projects related to full-stack development, automation and testing of products/services. I also upload on YouTube a wide variation of videos related to tech and software development.

Other hobbies I have are drawing, drinking a little bit too much latte macchiato and reading.

Technical Skills

Programming languages
C# | JavaScript | Python

Database tools
SQL | MongoDB

Testing and automation tools
Specflow | Selenium Webdriver | Mocha | Cucumber | Gherkin

Front End tools/frameworks
HTML5 | CSS3 | TypeScript | Angular | Flask

JIRA | Azure | .NET | Git